For a few months, now, I have been volunteering in the nursery at church on Sunday morning with the babies.  I love helping out with the babies.  Each one is such an amazing and beautiful miracle of God’s creation.  They are all so small, helpless, and innocent, but each one is infinitely unique, with a unique personality, with a unique response to the world around, with unique habits, likes, and dislikes, with unique abilities, and even with unique eccentricities that can be quite funny.  It is so amazing to see them and interact with them at this age because you can see the amazing abilities that God has put into each one, with their tiny little brains soaking up so much information by the second about the nature and properties of the world around them, about social interaction, about language and communication, about risk, pain, comfort, courage, love, and so many other things.  We take for granted all the things that must be learned, but each human mind starts out with a completely blank slate, and there are probably millions of small bits of information that gradually build up and synthesize in the human mind as they grow and learn how to interact with the world and the people around them.

Each time that I am in the nursery, I enjoy sitting on the floor and playing with the babies, holding them, speaking to them, comforting them, singing to them, sometimes seeing their precious little faces light up when I smile, talk, make small jokes, or play games with them.  But as I sit with them, I’m always looking out for dangers, having learned with my own children how quick they can move sometimes and get to or into something that may harm them.   There’s often one person per baby so that we can give our full attention to that baby, making sure they have an enjoyable, pleasant, and safe time in the nursery.  Moreover, that person will usually hold and rock the baby or will sit in the floor with them, staying within arm’s reach, watching every move in order to intercede in time to avoid any bumps, bruises, or scratches.  At this age, their untrained muscular movements can cause them to lurch or jerk or misstep, falling against or lurching into something that may cause harm.  They can also occasionally grasp objects and wave them around, inadvertently whacking themselves in the head or whacking another baby. 

So, you always have to be a couple of steps ahead of them, anticipating possible dangers before they happen. Unfortunately, no matter how carefully you watch them, sometimes they manage to do something completely unexpected and getting a very minor injury, maybe not enough to cause a bruise or scratch, but certainly enough to cause them momentary pain.  At those moments, all you can do is scoop them up, hold them tight, rock them, and speak to them in soft, soothing tones, letting them know that, in spite of the momentary pain, they are loved and that everything will turn out okay because someone wiser and more powerful is lovingly watching over them.  This is the same way that God is with us.  When I’m with the babies, He often reminds me about His constant, unfailing, measureless love and His hovering, protecting presence that is always there watching over us, never more than an arm’s length away to keep us from danger, to pull us out of the way of harm, or to push harmful things away from us. 

I know how much I cherish these little ones, watching them so carefully, but my love for these babies, or even for my own children, is nowhere near the level of God’s love for us.  And my hovering, protective presence with these babies is nowhere near as powerful, nowhere near as tenderly, lovingly concerned as God is with us.  We take so much for granted when we have uneventful days in which nothing really bad happens, but when we get to Heaven, I suspect we will learn that so many of those “uneventful” days were full of dangers and that God or His angels were constantly interceding on our behalf to protect us. 

I pray that you will experience in the deepest parts of your heart and soul the tremendous, peaceful, satisfying, and personal love that God has for you.  St. Augustine (354-430 A.D.) said it best:  “God loves each of us as if there were only one of us.”



Babies and young kids are love of god and a blessing in all ways. Spending time with them surely helps to release our stress and feel like a new human..

02/05/2017 8:27am

This is a pleasing to God! God bless!


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