As noted in yesterday’s posting, the translators of the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible were instructed by the English king (James I: 1566-1625) to consult the Bishop’s Bible, and to be guided by that translation first.  Then, if consulting that version did not solve the translation conundrum, they were instructed to consult, in order of primacy:  the Tyndale Bible (1526, 1534, and 1536), the Coverdale Bible (1535, 1539), Matthew's Bible (1537), the Great Bible (1539-40), and the Geneva Bible (NT 1557, NT&OT 1560).  So there was some concession to political pressure in the translation of the KJV, just as there is some concession to prejudices, limitations, motivations, etc., in all translations of the Bible, bar none.  However, just as with the KJV, this influence is infinitesimally small when the few words in question are measured against the immense body of text for the remainder of the Bible.  Additionally, if you do the research concerning each  version of the Bible as I have, you will find very intensive and careful study of the texts by the translators who are almost always very learned clergymen or scholars and whose work is checked and rechecked by other clergymen and scholars time and time again before the text is compiled and published. 

In my studies of linguistics and the history of the various translations, I have found that these translations were always undertaken with the utmost care and attention to detail.  I write this because there are often ignorant detractors in the media or blogosphere who claim that there is no certainty that the Bible was translated correctly.  I can assure you that, in each step along the way, every single person who handled these scriptures did so with the highest respect, integrity, and sense of responsibility for what they were doing as well as a do-or-die commitment to getting it right.  Furthermore, those that produced the early English translations from the 14th through the 16th centuries knew that they risked their freedom and their lives if they were caught.  Some, such as William Tyndale, did pay that high price.  As Josh McDowell has pointed out in many of his writings, no one would be willing to take that much of a risk unless they were absolutely convinced of the truth to which they had committed their lives, even unto death.  Additionally, I can confidently say that those who know and follow Jesus and have the Holy Spirit within them can easily discern the difference between the genuine text and “extra-biblical” texts that have been translated and passed along (whether by intention to deceive or by simple ignorance) with the real scripture.  When you have truth within you, when you have studied truth all your life, and when you have committed your life to truth, you can easily discern that which is untrue.   I know because I have studied the Bible extensively since my childhood, and the first time I read the texts of the Apocrypha, the differences between those texts and the real scripture were glaringly obvious even to me, a studious but not formally trained layman. 

I do not worry about whether the truths in the Bible are accurately translated.  I know from personal experience that the God behind those words and miraculously embodied and empowered in those words is unshakeable, unchangeable, infinite, and eternal. Knowing Him as I do, I have absolutely no doubt about His truth as revealed in the Bible.  In addition, I have lived out the principles contained in this miraculous book, so I know that they meet the most sure test of truth:  they correspond with reality and with common human experiences.  Moreover, God has taken me through some very serious trials in my life, to include some mind-numbingly stressful military assignments, a combat tour during the height of the Iraqi insurgency in 2005, my subsequent PTSD and the horrendous mental and emotional grief I wrestled with for several years after (some of which still lingers, simmering below the surface awaiting any trigger), several periods of separation from my family, and even a long period of persecution for speaking “truth to power” in a high level military organization that was supposed to be the epitome of military values of duty, honor, and country.   Yet, despite all this, I have survived and won so many battles against seemingly impossible odds, learning the profound and intimate love and power of My Awesome God in countless daily struggles when I had lost hope and had no more strength to fight.  Inevitably, in my bleakest, my most hopeless, my most grievous moments, my God always gave me a little more strength, courage, peace, wisdom, and comfort to go on just a few steps more, and He walked with me, showing me where to place my footsteps on the treacherous path through the valley of the shadow of death.

More tomorrow.

I pray that you will know intimately and profoundly the boundless love that God has for you, whoever you are, no matter what circumstances you are in.  As St. Augustine so eloquently wrote, “God loves us as if there were only one of us.”  I pray that you will know, receive, and accept the love that He so wants to pour out upon you and your life.  May His peace be with you.



10/31/2016 7:08pm

To take some lesson of Bible holy book with your help is very easy because these all topic give important wonderful information for all type of translation and the unshakeable truth. I thanks a lot for provide this well instruction through this article and I am too much excited to read out this religious post.

02/05/2017 8:19am

Have you done your homework? Only when you learn your lesson you can be free!

06/15/2017 4:48am

I think most of the translations were always undertaken with the utmost care and attention to detail. So I hope the accuracy can be easily measured according to the content. The article seems to be informative. Keep sharing!


Bible does have a vast topics to study about. It talks about the ruling and laws in the ancient times and how their life had been different from others. There are many religious institutions which helps a study of Bible and help them know more about it.

09/10/2017 3:05am

I should say thank you very much for this thought. It gives me more knowledge on this issue.

11/06/2017 6:13am

A professional, non-biased revelation exposing past proclivites of bibles to stray from Aramaic and Hebrew origins. A surprise awaits readers as they are provided insights into 20 English bibles, and offered understandable tools for analysis of bible versions. The author is an expert data base analyst.

11/06/2017 6:14am

A professional, non-biased revelation exposing past proclivites of bibles to stray from Aramaic and Hebrew origins. A surprise awaits readers as they are provided insights into 20 English bibles, and offered understandable tools for analysis of bible versions. The author is an expert data base analyst.

11/20/2017 9:22am

Thank you very much has been sharing this information,


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