I bought and installed two RCA “smart tv” converters from Walmart several months back.  Subsequently, we have the capability to access the various internet movie and television show services, which is a lot better most days than watching the very limited selection of programs on cable tv.  We had started a subscription to Netflix before we got the converters, so once we had this capability, we no longer had to bother with the snail mail movie service for receiving and returning movies.  I have really enjoyed the instant access to various programs, including many Bollywood movies or other foreign films, British comedies such as “Fawlty Towers,” and a plethora of popular American movies and documentaries.  One excellent program that I stumbled across this week is a 2009 documentary entitled “God of Wonders.”  After I found this on Netflix, however, I also discovered that the producers of this video have generously posted the entire video on Youtube so that anyone with internet access can watch the program.

The 85-minute video is one mind-blowing fact after another about the amazing world around us, the incredible universe beyond this world, and the infinitely intelligent and powerful God behind all of this.  For instance, they discuss the enormous energy that is contained within thunderstorms.

“Thunderstorms are an amazing display of the Creator’s might.  An average thunderstorm pours down several hundred million gallons of water, equivalent to the amount of water that flows over Niagara Falls every 6 minutes.  The same storm releases ten million kilowatt hours of energy, equivalent to a 20-kilo-ton nuclear warhead.  Large, severe thunderstorms can be ten or even one-hundred times more energetic.  At any given moment, hundreds of storms are occurring somewhere around the world. This amounts to about 16 million thunderstorms each year… A bolt of lightning may reach over five miles in length, contain over 100 million electrical volts, and soar to temperatures approaching 50,000 degrees Fahrenheit in a split second.”

This is just a small selection of the many jaw-dropping facts that the program presents along with amazing cinematography and eye-opening quotes from numerous reputable, well-educated scientists who are also men of faith. 

More on this tomorrow.



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