I apologize for my inability to post yesterday.  You can rest assured that, I will always fulfill my obligation to post,  if I have the ability and if there is no higher responsibility such as my family or something that God wants of me.  I enjoy sharing from the treasury of God's wisdom as He reveals truth to me, and I enjoy sharing from my experiences if I feel that this information is useful to others who may possess fewer years, less education, or less experience than me.  God has given me many wonderful gifts in my life, and ,I have often benefited in my life from others sharing of their gifts and wisdom, so I always want to be as generous with others as  they have been with me and as God has been with me.  Unfortunately, sometimes my desire is greater than my ability.  I am still recovering from this illness that I have had for the past five weeks.  I finally got aggravated enough and found enough time and opportunity to see a doctor about it.  Unfortunately, the doctor was not much help, although I'm sure he meant well and did the best he could with his understanding of the situation and his limited body of knowledge. 

However, as with most people, there was a point in which he was not listening to me anymore or was dismissive of or resistant to my viewpoint of the situation.  Consequently, his diagnosis was off the mark, although he did provide me, at least, with something to alleviate the pain I have been experiencing.  Since he did not accept certain information from me or deemed it inaccurate, he missed the complete picture. Or perhaps, he was predisposed to a certain approach or diagnosis based on the way he was taught at medical school or due to his own personal narrow-minded view of the world or skepticism about the knowledge and wisdom of other people.  God only knows.  In any case, I figured out that I would not receive any significant treatment of my illness and that I would be forced to endure the suffering or to pursue treatment through another medical venue.  Or I would just have to “ride this one out,” enduring the pain for yet a couple more weeks until this illness finally petered out with my body eventually finding a way to fight off the invader, to heal the inflamed parts of my body, and to repair or replace the damaged cells. 

But, God be praised, my healing was something that I could most certainly count on.  Thanks be to God for the marvelous capabilities of the human body.  As David so eloquently wrote, “I am fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:13-14).  God has made every single one of us with mind-boggling complexity and infinite uniqueness.  If you doubt this truth, I recommend that you read the following article “40 Amazing Facts about the Human Body.”  There are many more amazing facts about the incredible human body, but this will give you a little taste of the awesome work of God.  We are, every one of us, a walking miracle, but many of us do not realize or appreciate this fact.  Regardless of whether we are aware of this truth, it still remains true since real truth never changes.  It is as infinite and eternal as the God upon whom it is built and out of whom it flows.  And one of the most amazing truths is that God loves each one of us, as St. Augustine wrote, “as if there were only one of us.”  He loves us with an all-consuming, limitlessly-compassionate, relentlessly-persistent, and uncompromisingly-sacrificial love.  His love for us is too great and mysterious for us to ever completely understand, but then how can we ever understand anything in the heart and mind of such a great, majestic, holy, transcendent, infinite, eternal, omniscient, and omnipresent God.  In a lifetime, we can only hope to scratch the surface of His boundless wisdom and only as He reveals it to us, saving us all from our own sin and ignorance.  Thankfully, He has promised in His word to do precisely that, to save us from sin (1 John 1:9, Psalm 103:12, Romans 10:9,13) and ignorance (John 14:26,16:13).    

I pray that He would open the eyes of all of us to see His constant displays of love all around us, every minute of every day. 



11/10/2016 2:18am

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