There is such great theology in old hymns.  Some churches have gotten away from using these old hymns, but I think they are the worse for it.  If you examine many of these hymns, they have profound messages about the Christian walk with God in daily life, and many of them give guidance about how to live such in a close walk with God as well as give encouragement for that walk.  One such old hymn, “Every Day with Jesus” was written by Robert C. Loveless in 1936.  We sang this hymn often in church when I was growing up.  If you don’t know the lyrics or have forgotten them, I have pasted them in below for your enjoyment:

Ev'ry day with Jesus
Is sweeter than the day before,
Ev'ry day with Jesus,
I love Him more and more;
Jesus saves and keeps me,
And He's the One I'm waiting for;
Ev'ry day with Jesus
Is sweetest than the day before.

When I was younger and more self-conscious, more self-critical, although less realistically and truthfully self aware, I did not realize how much better God was making my life day-by-day, bit-by-bit.  We don’t have the wisdom in our youth to see the full meaning of our actions and our situations, nor do we fully understand all that we are up against in the realm of spiritual wickedness, the kingdom of Satan.  God lovingly shields us from some truths until we are strong and mature enough to digest these bits of truth in our spirit, heart, and mind.  He is so generous, so gentle, so loving, and so subtle that, often in our common human ignorance, we do not even recognize His work on our behalf.  But, if we walk closely with Him over the years, He does reveal so many things to us, and we learn more about the world and about ourselves.  Plus, as the years go by, we discover more and more just how much God loves us and how much better He is making our life day-by-day.

After so many decades of walking with God, I have found out how truthful the above hymn is.  Although there are many trials I have suffered through and there are struggles that I still have in the present, God has strengthened me, encouraged me, empowered me, enlightened me, and given me his peace “which surpasses all understanding” more and more every day.  The end result is that my life with Him has truly gotten day-by-day “sweeter than the day before.” 

I pray  that you will experience this truth in your life as life gets sweeter by the day due to your walk with God regardless of the struggles you may be up against, and I pray that, if you are struggling, that your eyes would be opened to His close presence in your life, and you would reject the lies of the enemy that try to tell you God is far away and doesn’t care. 



Diane Godbout
08/18/2013 6:10pm

I recognize some of the words as a quote that was done in a pop song in my younger days,The words got edited and re-arranged .?


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