As noted in yesterday’s blog, the 2005 movie The Headsman or Shadow of the Sword includes in the opening credits a blatant political statement:  “Then as now a fundamentalist alliance of politics and religion pointed the way to an age of darkness.”

This is, of course, a very bizarre interpretation of historical events which broad-brushes a very complicated convergence of influences at the time.  When someone makes such a bold statement as that about a period of history, you can bet that they have skipped a great number of details and have done so in favor of an agenda and a bias, although most people with ulterior motives don’t usually blurt out their political principles so blatantly as this.  To be accurate, many don’t even have the self-awareness to know that they have bias, or they are prideful and willfully ignorant of their bias, believing that their view is the only way and that no other opinion has validity.  Without the truth of God’s Spirit working in our hearts, this is probably how most of us would be and would remain.  Unfortunately, the producers of this movie apparently have this same bias.  And not only does this statement in the opening credits display a bias in the interpretation of the movie’s events, but also, by using the subtle phrase “then as now,” they rhetorically link the events to our modern world, suggesting that such groups are currently in operation, and insinuating that these groups could bring the very same tactics and results to our world. 

You wouldn’t have to think too hard to figure out what people in our modern world that they are referring to. “Fundamentalist Christians” have been bashed in liberal media for many years by people who ironically are using the same tactics that they criticize and claim that are being used against them.  There have always been throughout history various struggles between the true followers of God and goodness against those who are controlled by the prince of this world, Satan.  And you can usually recognize the tactics of Satan as he manipulates people who are weak in spirit and not guided by God and His Truth, such tactics or methods as displayed in this movie’s scenes and in the political statement cited above.  Although they may disguise themselves as “angels of light” (2 Corinthians 11:14), wolves in sheep’s clothing, they usually resort to such methods as  force, violence, coercion, criticism, deceptive argumentation, name-calling, labeling, hair-trigger judgment, etc.  Such tactics are usually not used by God’s people nor should they be found in the methods of those who truly serve and follow our God. However, there may be very limited times in which we may use the enemy’s tools against him as guided by God, being “wise as serpents and harmless as doves” (Matthew 10:16).

An example of this principle might be the hypothetical situation in which we are confronted by a Nazi soldier at our door, during WWII, who is searching for Jews.  Knowing that we have hidden several people in our attic or cellar, guided by God and our Scriptural values, and being driven by the higher purpose of love and protection of life, we would then willingly lie to the Nazi soldier for the greater good of love.  The moral values of life, love, and God’s purpose easily trump the obligation to always speak  truth to our fellow man.  In this situation, speaking factual truth would merely play into the hands of a person of evil intent who would then use the information gained to commit an act of evil purpose. So, by lying to the Nazi soldier, we remain innocent or harmless as doves in God’s sight while using a tool of the enemy (the lie) against the enemy.  But we should always use such tactics sparingly when there is a dire need as guided by God and by the purpose of love. If God wants us or allows us to use these tactics in such a moment, He will most certainly guide us with His Spirit for the right words and actions. 

Still more on this tomorrow. 

I pray that you would know and understand God’s will for your life and would be attentive and responsive to His Still Small Voice guiding you to every right action in your daily life, always with the spirit and intent of love in all things. 



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    I'm a retired soldier, having spent 23 years of my life serving our country, actually 30 years when you count the reserve and National Guard time as well.  I believe in servant leaders, following the example of our Lord, and I believe in giving back to the troops once one has attained a certain status or level of success in life.  But I also believe in fighting back against corruption and incompetence wherever you find it if it hurts people.  Our national values were worth dying for.  They are also worth living for.  A man or woman can actually live a life by these principles of humility, service, love, duty, and honor, and have a significant impact on the world around them...if you have the dedication to see it through. 


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