My apologies to all my readers.  I will return to yesterday’s topic tomorrow.  Instead, I thought it best to address a question that one of my readers raised, and to share with all of you what he asked and what my response was.  I have set the mission of this Facebook page and of my website as being to give "a cup of cold water” to all who pass by, perhaps thereby bringing some simple comfort to their lives in a world where there are sometimes very few comforts.  One of the most important ways that I can minister to my readers is to share with them the Truth, because, as Scripture tells us, “The truth shall make you free” (John 8:32).  God’s Truth sets us free from the bondage of sin and ignorance and allows us to walk in the abundant, joyful, peaceful, and satisfying life that He intends for us all to have.  The question that was raised by the reader mentioned above is:  “[H]ow can it be father god and jesus the son when the 2 are both the one and same?”  This question was in response to comments I made in yesterday’s posting. 

I thanked this reader for his question.  I appreciate all feedback, questions, and comments from my readers.  I want to encourage intellectual and spiritual curiosity.  This is how we learn.  I believe that God has placed a curiosity within us that causes us to ask such questions and to seek Him out. I don't think God is threatened by our questions of Him, nor does He mind us asking questions. Nor am I threatened by anyone's questioning of my ideas or beliefs because it allows me an opportunity to share the most wonderful truths that I know and have lived concerning Our Most Awesome God.  As I have noted before in previous blogs, I consider myself a beggar showing other beggars where to find bread – in this case, the Bread of Life that the Scripture refers to, which gives us eternal life.  Additionally, I willingly admit that I don't know everything and will be completely honest when I have no earthly idea how to answer the question. I am certainly not perfect, nor do I “know it all.” 

But I don't mind questions, primarily, because I am merely an ignorant, flawed man explaining the Truth. I am not the Truth, nor am I the source of Truth, so I do not have to "be right" in any argument. I have no interest in winning arguments.  And, since I am not the source of Truth, the Truth does not rely on my explanations.  Truth exists apart from me and is embodied in God Himself. As Jesus said, “I am the way, the TRUTH, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me” (John 14:6).  Our God is very patient and kind, and He loves us immensely, understanding that we are all ignorant until He teaches us out of that ignorance. Moreover, He promises in Scripture that He is fully willing to share His Wisdom with us if we only seek Him out and ask Him for that wisdom. When we do, He will share generously with us as much as we can take in by little bites over a lifetime spent in prayer, meditation on Him, Bible study, gathering with and sharing with other believers, and following Him in obedience and submission.

That said, my response to the reader’s question above is that there are so many mysteries which I do not fully comprehend about God, and I am increasingly of the opinion that there are things I will never understand about Him because He is so high above me, so much greater than me, and so different from me that there are things about Him that are beyond my limited intellectual abilities to grasp. There is still so much that I do not know even after a lifetime (I'm 52 years old) of studying, memorizing, and meditating on His word, many thousands of hours spent in prayer with Him, and many thousands of hours of hearing others teach, preach, and share about Him, His Word, and His Ways. I also believe that the gap between God (the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) and me (a creation of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) is so tremendous that I may never be able to fully understand all about Him/Them.

My basic understanding of the Trinity is that The Father, Who Scripture tells us sits enthroned in Heaven, is a separate and distinct personality and/or entity from the Son (Jesus), Who sits on a throne at The Father's right hand, although Jesus departed Heaven from His seat beside Father God in order to be incarnated into bodily form in order to walk in a human life to experience all the same travails that we experience as humans so that He could be a Perfect Priest to minister to all of our needs. His main mission on this earth in His first coming was to bear the stripes of punishment for our sins and to shed His blood on the cross as payment for our sin in an atonement that would reconcile us permanently to God (at least all those who accept His covenant in faith and believe in the Son, Jesus, as their Savior and Lord). And the Holy Spirit, who is the projected presence of both the Father and the Son, is a separate and distinct personality from the Father and the Son. However, all three are joined together in spirit and are in complete unity in a mystery that still boggles my mind.

This is the best way I can explain these things, but I realize that my explanations may even miss the mark because of my limited understanding while in this flesh. I hope that this helps. 

I pray that you will all seek out and receive His Wisdom and that you will walk in peaceful fellowship with Him today.



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