Yesterday, I watched one of my favorite Bollywood movies which I had recorded from cable.  The 2001 movie Monsoon Wedding directed by Mira Nair was written by Sabrina Dhawan while she was studying film at Columbia University in New York City.  It’s a very sweet story about the planning and conduct of a traditional Punjabi wedding.  For those who might not be familiar, there is a state of Punjab in Northern India, but the Punjabi culture of India is one of the world’s oldest cultures dating way back to antiquity.   In the movie Monsoon Wedding, the central protagonist and bride’s father, Lalit Verma, is brilliantly played by veteran Bollywood actor Naseeruddin Shah.  Lalit is a very loving but stressed out father who is trying to plan this big, chaotic wedding for his daughter, Aditi Verma, played by the beautiful Vasundhara Das.  In the movie, she is to be wedded to Hemant Rai, played by Parvin Dabas, in a traditionally arranged marriage.    

It’s kind of hard for us to understand the concept of arranged marriages in the western world because we have for the most part abandoned the practice, although it hasn’t been that long since we did.  For thousands of years, parents have arranged marriages to ensure that their children married well to people who would be compatible, meaning of the same social and economic status.  In some ways, there is moral validity to the concept as the parents often are more aware of the world and know a little more about the ways of humanity.  We tend to think in our modern culture that this is a terrible idea since we believe in marriage from a loving relationship in which the two to be married choose each other.  There is certainly something to be said for choosing one’s mate.  But we are not always good at choosing our mates, although our choices are less to blame for the high divorce rate than our selfishness.  

Jesus revealed the real reason for the occurrence of divorce.  He said it was because of the hardness of people’s hearts (Matthew 19:8, Mark 10:5).  In a word, it is because of our own sin that we have divorce.  We may blame various things like “growing apart.”  But that is just an excuse that we use in order to avoid blaming ourselves.  This is not to say that there is no legitimate reason for divorce.  When one partner is so committed to sin by the hardness of their hearts that they will not try or they are so consumed by sin that they are abusing the other spouse, then the spouse who is victim to this sinful partner may have no choice but to seek escape from that situation, especially if there are children involved who are suffering from the sinful spouse.  But there are so many situations that result in divorce that can be avoided if we are willing to try a little harder.  Most importantly, we can do it if we look to God to help us in what we cannot do in the weakness of our flesh.  

More on this tomorrow.  I pray that God will fill you with His Spirit today and that you will seek Him in Prayer so that He can put His Spirit into you, a little more every day.   


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