Drudge Report is running a headliner story from the New York Post about a judge slapping down the soda ban established by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.  In the ruling, the judge noted that Bloomberg’s ban on large sodas was arbitrary and capricious.  You may have already heard about this ridiculous city ordinance put in place by Bloomberg to ban the “big gulp” type sodas being sold by various merchants in the city.  The whole idea behind Bloomberg’s ban was that the huge sodas were contributing to the obesity problem in America which, we are told, is costing us billions of dollars in public health problems.  Although he may be correct in arguing that the gigantic sodas contribute to the obesity problem, he is way out in left field to try to dictate to people how they should live their lives.  There are certainly things that government should do in protecting the well being of the public, but dictating to them what personal habits they should embrace is going way overboard.

Mayor Bloomberg is a “progressive,” or as we used to term it, a liberal.  Regardless of what you call them, this segment of our society has long been filled with know-it-alls who want to dictate to the rest of us how we should live.  Prohibition was the brain-child of these people through the Anti-Saloon League.  You may find that bit of information surprising as I did.  I always assumed that the ridiculous idea of Prohibition was launched primarily by religious extremists.  But it was the “progressive” people that gave us this public policy failure.  Of course, there were many religious people in the movement, but they tended to be from very liberal congregations that were taking their cues, not from the Bible, but rather from worldly ideas about perfecting mankind and bringing in a social utopia.  You would be hard pressed to find support for these progressive ideas of social engineering in the Bible.  I suspect that the real source of these ideas is Satan, and he uses prideful people who think they are so smart that they have the right to dictate to everyone else how to live.  But such a prideful, judgmental attitude is not an indicator that someone is following the Bible and its teachings.  It is, rather, a sign of someone who has veered way off the path of Christian teaching and is, therefore, full of worldly ideas. 

While you will find people that are against the public sale of alcohol in the Christian community, they may or may not be taking their cues from the Bible.  I know that many in our society view alcohol as a social evil that should not be available at all, but that is not the view of the Bible.  In fact, you may remember that the very first miracle that Jesus performed was turning the water into wine.  I’ve heard liberal Christians try to argue that this was not really wine, that it was like some kind of grape juice, but if you read the Biblical story and take it at face value, it is clear that he really turned the water into an alcoholic beverage.  This is in keeping with the rest of scripture that supports the use of alcohol in moderation.  I believe that it is permissible for Christians to enjoy alcohol so long as they do so carefully, in keeping with the central law of the Bible which is love.  If you can imbibe without going overboard and getting drunk every time you drink, and if you can imbibe without your character changing for the worse, becoming a so-called “mean drunk,” then you can probably indulge.  But the decision as to whether it is permissible for you should be worked out in your relationship with God.  Sometimes God may convict us of the necessity of avoiding alcohol in our lives, perhaps so that we may avoid discouraging someone else’s Christian walk, someone who may see us indulging and may not have the maturity to understand that God has permitted us to indulge within parameters of moderation.

I pray that you will find God’s will with regard to alcohol in your life, and that, if you do find that He permits you to indulge, that you will do so in a way that still brings honor to Him.



03/12/2013 5:49am

if you are going to make super size a ban then make it to apply to all parties including all stores,restaurants and any place that serves the beverages

12/15/2016 11:07am

You completely match our expectation and the variety of our information. .

01/17/2017 4:53am

Alcohol worsens the situation in every occasion and New York City's mayor had done well prohibiting it's use. I hope other states quickly follow suit and learn from their example.

01/27/2017 9:57pm

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