One theme that you will see repeated in the Bible in a number of places is that wisdom begins with fear of God.  Without a healthy understanding of the Immensity and Tremendous Power of our Creator, we cannot even begin to have wisdom.  Wisdom is Truth, truth about the universe and its beginning with our God and truth about our responsibility to Him as our Creator to live in a way that is pleasing to Him.  God is Truth itself, so there is no way we can understand Truth without seeking Him first.  This is why the Darwinian evolutionists fight tooth and nail against the truth of the Bible.  This is why they willingly are ignorant of and deny the truth of the Bible.  It is because they know that, the minute they admit to the truth of God and the truth of the Bible, then they will be obligated to live as Our Creator demands.  This is what they seek in their ignorant systems of knowledge, to live as they please without any regard to anyone else, without any obligation to anyone, living in complete selfishness, indulging the pleasures of their flesh.

We need God to show us the way to His Truth, but He will generously share of His Wisdom if we only ask Him.  This requires that we come to Him in humility, recognizing that we know nothing until He reveals truth to us.  Most people do not approach truth in humility.  Instead of coming to the Bible or to God thinking that they know nothing, they come in pride, thinking that they already have the answers and look at Scripture simply for justification of what they believe, cherry-picking verses or taking them out of context so that they can pridefully prove that they are right.  There’s a big difference in being intellectually humble and honest and being intellectually arrogant, thinking that you have all the answers.  If we are humble enough to admit to the truth, we will all realize just how woefully ignorant we are in our lives and in the pride of our hearts.  There are so many misconceptions that we hold to be true as we stumble blindly through life, so many of us ever learning but never coming to the truth.  Our universities are full of such people that are full of knowledge but have no truth within them.

But, again, God will guide us to truth and will share His Wisdom and Truth with us if we are willing and are humble.  We may have to suffer in order to learn some truths.  This is the part that is difficult to accept.  We do not like suffering.  We all prefer comfort and ease.  But if we are willing to follow in the footsteps of our Savior and willing to accept suffering occasionally for the benefit of our wisdom and for the furtherance of His Will here on earth, then He will work through us, doing marvelous things and unlocking the Treasures of Heaven for us as He fills us with His Precious Wisdom and Knowledge, showing us things that we never thought we would know.  I know that He has unlocked so many incredible truths straight from His Mind and Heart that I never thought I would understand.  I truly thought that I would have to die and go to Heaven to understand many of the things that He has revealed to me.  Just as He promised in Scripture, He has given to me generously of His Wisdom.  Many of the things that He has shared have come at a dear cost to me, but they have made me a better servant to Him and to those around me. 

I pray that you will humbly seek and be filled with His Wisdom, bit by bit, every day of your life. 



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    I'm a retired soldier, having spent 23 years of my life serving our country, actually 30 years when you count the reserve and National Guard time as well.  I believe in servant leaders, following the example of our Lord, and I believe in giving back to the troops once one has attained a certain status or level of success in life.  But I also believe in fighting back against corruption and incompetence wherever you find it if it hurts people.  Our national values were worth dying for.  They are also worth living for.  A man or woman can actually live a life by these principles of humility, service, love, duty, and honor, and have a significant impact on the world around them...if you have the dedication to see it through. 


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