I was watching the Bible series on the History Channel when one of my favorite passages from Scripture was portrayed.  It was the passage in which Jesus walked on the water.  This story is from Matthew 14:22-33.  What an incredibly amazing event whether you are experiencing it through the digital images of film such as this production or whether you are simply imagining the scene in your mind.  This was a very important passage because Jesus showed by this act His complete control over all of nature and revealed His power to make the laws of nature conform to His will.  Thus, He proved by this act that He was and is God.  Upon seeing Jesus on the waves, the disciples initially thought that Jesus was a ghost, but Jesus corrected their perception when He confirmed to the disciples that they were indeed seeing Him.  Peter, in his typically emotionally effusive manner blurted out that, if He truly was Jesus, then He should command Peter to come to Him.  We all know the resulting story of Peter walking toward Jesus on the water, then losing his nerve when he looked away from Jesus and down at the terrifying waves upon which he walked, thus sinking into the waves until Jesus reached out to him and pulled him back up.

There are so many lessons to be taken from this passage.  Besides the lesson that Jesus is, truly, God, there are also many lessons of how we should see Jesus and the Godhead in general.  By revealing that He is God through such events, Jesus shows us that He is fully God and is, therefore, fully capable of taking care of all our needs and capable of saving our souls.   In the event with Peter walking on the water, then sinking, then being saved by Jesus, we learn that, no matter what happens in the storms of life, that we will remain safe and secure if we only keep our eyes on Jesus and trust in His complete and total power over all things.  If we are saved by Jesus and are walking in the center of God’s will, we have absolutely nothing to fear in life since we realize that He loves us more than He loved His own life and since we know He wants only the best for us.  And we will fear nothing once we have a complete grasp of the incredible understanding of who God is, the incredible understanding that Jesus IS the promised manifestation of God on earth in Human Form come down to save us, and the incredible understanding that God holds all things in the palm of His Hand. 

When you know you are walking in the pleasure of God’s will and when you completely comprehend Who God Is, What He Can Do, and What He Controls, you find the end of all fears.  There is absolutely nothing to fear because you will finally understand that He controls all the most minute details and processes of the entire universe and that He controls the most fearsome forces that guide all processes in the universe and which make the events of your daily life possible.  He is in control of ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING.  Although Satan and his demons are allowed to move about the earth among people causing all sorts of mischief, they can only do so within tightly controlled boundaries because God allows this for His Good Pleasure, His Loving Will, and His Greater Plan for humanity.   Satan only operates within the permissive will of God and can do nothing that God does not permit, nor can he do anything that God does not already know about before it happens.  Moreover, although God does allow trials and tribulations to come into our lives, each one is tightly controlled by His will to a predetermined end.  Nothing can touch you that does not come through the permissive will of God.

I pray that you will fully comprehend the tremendous power and love of God and that you will find complete peace in knowing that He is completely in control of all things and that He only wants what is best for you. 



What ever is happening to our life their is the gods control on it. Every thing is based on his decision and its always good for us. Everything described in this blog is true.


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    I'm a retired soldier, having spent 23 years of my life serving our country, actually 30 years when you count the reserve and National Guard time as well.  I believe in servant leaders, following the example of our Lord, and I believe in giving back to the troops once one has attained a certain status or level of success in life.  But I also believe in fighting back against corruption and incompetence wherever you find it if it hurts people.  Our national values were worth dying for.  They are also worth living for.  A man or woman can actually live a life by these principles of humility, service, love, duty, and honor, and have a significant impact on the world around them...if you have the dedication to see it through. 


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