I have written on this subject before, but it bears repeating.  I was watching the O’Reilly Factor this week when Mr. O’Reilly had some guests on discussing the Bible.  Although O’Reilly is normally very balanced in his discussions of most issues, there are a few issues in which he seems to have blinders on, acting as if he already knows it all and not being open minded to the truth.  In discussing the Bible, he was very snarky and sarcastic, much like that atheistic jackass Bill Maher on Comedy Central.  Everyone has a right to their opinions, but it does get under my skin a little when people are willingly ignorant of truth, twist the facts to fit their opinion, then pass it off as if it is the unvarnished truth.  In this show, O’Reilly mocked several Biblical stories, including the story of creation as if only fools would believe it.

What is so deliciously ironic about people like O’Reilly is that, while they mock the Bible’s version of events without serious research and reflection, they swallow other ridiculous, unsupported, unscientific, and ignorant ideas hook, line, and sinker.  Evolution is one of those ridiculous ideas.  I long ago abandoned any belief in evolution because all the evolutionists I have debated cannot answer one simple question:  what is the force that is driving evolution?  Random mutations is not a force.  Think about it.  If you took a box of letter tiles from a game of Scrabble and tossed them up in the air, what are the chances that any letters would land precisely side by side to form a word.  The probability against a word resulting from this is too high to calculate.  In fact, I can confidently say it would NEVER happen.  A disorderly process does NOT create order, and it never will.  This is simple logic that is easy to prove in any number of experiments such as the aforementioned one. 

The random mutations that are essentially required for evolution to be true are a disorderly process.  Mutations as they occur in nature do not result in higher order species or in better capabilities.  This is observable fact.  Whenever there is change to DNA in any living creature, it always results in some sort of handicap that takes away some complete feature or some capability that the creature would normally have had.  But somehow, in evolution, we are told that these mutations miraculously result in better capabilities against all known reality.  Additionally, in their fairy tales, the evolutionists have told us about the “primordial soup” of chemicals that somehow forced themselves to produce higher order amino acids that resulted in DNA and RNA and eventually simple cells.  This is ludicrous, and their experiments that tried to replicate the process have all failed or been discredited.   

The only way the 1953 experiments worked to produce the necessary compounds was by cooking the books, by intervening in the experiment at certain stages with a “little help” to ensure that the experiment would turn out the way they wanted.  This is, of course, intellectually dishonest, and the scientist that did those experiments admitted later that there was no validity to his experiment.  Others have tried to replicate the primordial soup experiment and failed.  The latest experiment has allegedly succeeded, but only by moving the bar and re-imagining the chemicals present in the soup.  This is intellectually dishonest.  Every time that evolutionists fail to come up with proof of their fairy tale, they simply change the tale and create new conditions.  When someone keeps changing their story, most people would rightfully suspect them of a lie. 

For evolution to be true, there would have to be an orderly force somewhere in nature that intervenes in nature to continually push the mutations and primordial soup toward a more favorable end.  It simply cannot happen on its own with the laws of nature that we currently observe.  In the absence of intervention by some creature, nature typically produces lower order states and decays to lower order structure.  Why is this?  Because of entropy.  The second law of thermodynamics states that all things move to a lower state of energy.  Matter and energy are interchangeable (remember Einstein and E=MC2 – the interchangeability of matter and energy permits production of atom bombs and nuclear power plants).  Since they are interchangeable, both matter and energy are affected by the law of entropy. All matter is subject to this gradual decline to a lower state as the energy that is inherent in the molecules and compounds of all things breaks down and decays.  That is why you constantly have to repair things that you own.  ALL things are subject to the gradual descent to lower energy and lower order, UNLESS something or someone intervenes to keep it in a higher state of energy and order. 

This is causation, one of the most basic principles in science.  If you see a statue or house, you would not automatically assume that it just accidentally happened.  You would know by instinct and experience that something caused it.  Yet for some reason, evolution does not require causation or force.  It is the only scientific principle in all the history of human knowledge that “just happens.”  This is the scientific equivalent of the bumper sticker “sh*t happens.”  Now, the causation problem is just one of the many major flaws with evolution.  There are gaping holes in genetics, anthropology (remember the “missing link” – actually there are millions of missing links).  The fossil record has yet to produce a convincing example of the gradual transition, so evolutionists have even taken to fraudulent manipulation of fossils they produced as evidence or they have proposed crazy theories such as aliens bringing life to this planet (I kid you not – no one but a bunch of intellectually dishonest or self-interested academicians could cook up this kind of hogwash). 

This alien theory is the intellectual equivalent of kicking the can down the road because then you have the problem of explaining where the aliens came from and how they developed.  Evolutionists have even resorted to explaining the huge gaps between species by claiming that evolution must happen really, really fast at some times, so fast that it didn’t leave evidence of its occurrence.  Goldschmidt’s “hopeful monster” theory is the best example of this ridiculous idea.  Of course, there is no proof or support of this theory.   They are just flinging things at the wall of discourse to see what will stick – what people are gullible enough to believe.  Most of the people I have met who believe in evolution either had a motivation not to believe in God or they had a self-interest in promoting the fairy tale for professional/monetary gain. 

I pray that you would be continually filled with God’s Truth bit by bit and that, when you do not understand anything in the Bible, you would not automatically assume error or make up something in your human experience to explain it.  This is where error always begins, in pride or in false assumptions. 



12/14/2016 5:19am

I often visit your site as I get to read some inspiring and informative posts. This post about the intellectual and dishonesty is very much informative and true. People should get to know such things and also follow honesty in the life.


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