I was just tuning my guitar, a process that I have done umpteen-bazillion times, to be precise.  When I first started learning guitar, I didn’t understand how important this process was.  But it is a critical step in teaching the student musician what right sounds like.  In the standard tuning of the guitar, the strings from the lowest or fattest string to the highest or thinnest string are tuned to these notes:  EADGBE.  There are other tunings, but the vast majority of musicians for the vast majority of situations tune to these notes on the 6-string guitar.  Each of these notes on my guitar will sound the same as the notes on anyone else’s guitar that is also in tune.  Music is very precise and orderly with only 7 notes which we have denoted as A, B, C, D, E, F, and G.   These notes repeat in ever higher or lower octaves, whichever way you choose to go.  It sounds so simple, so orderly, but there is an amazingly infinite variety of ways you can put these notes together.  There are so many musical styles with their own rules of how these notes are played or their own tempo/rhythm.  And within each of these musical styles, there are thousands, maybe millions, of ways you can put together a song. 

When you consider the simplicity and orderliness of music, yet the incredible complexity and variety, it is hard not to be amazed.  This is true of all disciplines, if you approach them with an assumption that there is a Creator behind it all.  The Greeks, who set the foundations of western science, mathematics, art, literature, philosophy, drama, music, etc., noted the incredible order and complexity in the universe and came to the conclusion that there must be some great spiritual power behind it all.  They reasoned rightly that order must come from the action of an intelligent being and that something simply cannot come from nothing.  There must be causation, a driver, a "primum mobile," an all-powerful, boundlessly-intelligent being behind everything.  Of course, the Greeks veered off the path of truth by imagining a bewildering array of gods and sub-gods all with their own little niche.  But they were on to something in recognizing the incredible order in which the universe is put together and the order that is behind all of the physical principles, processes, and structure of all of nature.  Basically, they were recognizing the same truth that is pointed out in Romans 1:20, that God's signature is stamped on everything in the universe that He created and upon all the possible bodies of knowledge which He set the principles for. 

So, if you have an open mind, no matter where you are in this world, you can learn and come to the truth that there is a God behind all that we see and experience.  It doesn’t matter what you study, if you have a mind that is open to truth, and have not seared your conscience shut by wicked and prideful thoughts, then you will eventually arrive at the conclusion that there is a God.  Of course, it is possible to spend a lifetime learning and never come to the truth (2 Tim. 3:7).  Some of the things we studied when I was in graduate school would fall into that category.  We were required at various points to study the writings of Michel Foucalt and Jacques Derrida.  These men wrote incredibly complex prose with esoteric and difficult to understand philosophy.  But when you study these men's writings and try to make some connection to the real world or find some deeper meaning that is profound or archetypal, that brings you to a greater understanding of all that is meaningful in life, you would fail.  Their writings are simply complexity without truth, information without meaning.  To quote Shakespeare from his play Macbeth:  "it is a tale/ Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,/ Signifying nothing."

All learning and all bodies of study should lead us to the truth.  They should all lead us to the understanding that there is a God.  The incredible order and complexity of this universe could not have come about by the chaotic and random processes that the naturalists and evolutionists imagine.  Moreover, they cannot point to any real force that pushes things to higher order and complexity, which would be required for their theories to be true.  The entire universe does not move toward greater order and more complexity.  All of creation is drawn downward to less complexity and less order.  The principle of entropy drags everything downward.  Of course, this principle is simply stating what those of faith already know.  All of nature is stained with sin.  Since the fall of man in the garden, all of nature and all of man has been in rebellion to the Creator with only the death and resurrection of Jesus bringing us back into right fellowship.  But the rest of nature has not been reclaimed by our Savior, so it is in a fallen and decaying state.  He will reclaim it all and restore nature, saving it from the effects of sin, when He comes again.  And make no mistake about it He will come again, and by all signs that day appears to be imminent within the next year or two. 

I pray that, today, you will walk closely in fellowship with Him, recognizing the incredible beauty, complexity, and order of nature, and giving thanks and praise to the Creator of it all.



03/19/2016 10:21pm

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07/13/2016 5:46am

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02/07/2017 2:38am

God is the creator of the world.He is the meaning of happiness and love in the world. We are here for live in the shadow of god. He is the ultimate goal of the life.


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