God can easily, miraculously, create anything out of “thin air” (ex nihilo) that His children need, providing for all of the needs, desires, and requirements of life for ALL of His Cherished physical or  corporeal children spread throughout this world.  He is even more generous with His spiritual children, those saved by Jesus.  Just as He provided the manna that the Israelites ate in the desert, God can, if He so desires, produce anything out of nothing since He has complete power over matter and energy.  He also proved this power by Jesus’ miracle of feeding the five thousand.  There is nothing impossible for God.  However, although God can do this, He often chooses to work in a more humble way, using the resources that are already there, and working through people around you to meet your needs.  He usually chooses to bring His children together, sometimes for very brief encounters, in order to meet the needs of one or both of the people meeting.  It is foolish to ever put God in a box and say that He only operates this way or that way.  But there are people who try to put God in a box by only accepting His work a certain way.  Such people always miss out on much greater blessings by trying to limit God.

It is this foolish attempt to limit God that is at work in the occasional story you hear of someone refusing medical treatment because they want to be “healed by God.”  They think, in their ignorance, that God does not work through other people for His purposes.  In their very limited understanding, they limit God by believing that He only operates directly and miraculously in a big flashy way that indulges their pride.  Again, while God can do that If He chooses, He normally prefers to operate in a much more subtle, gentle, quiet fashion because He is not a God of pride and flashy things.  Satan is the one who prefers big flashy things because he is the father of arrogant pride.  But sometimes people are very ignorant or prideful and start believing that God can only operate a certain way, or in their selfish, ignorant pride, they only want God to operate in their lives in a big, flashy way.  But make no mistake about it, the quiet way that God operates in the small things and through other people is just as miraculous as the big flashy thing that many people seem to want from God.  Remember it is still God orchestrating the events that will meet your need or answer your prayer.   If He brings you into contact with “just the right person” at “just the right time” and they have “just the right answer, response, or resource” that perfectly meets your need, that most certainly is a miracle. 

I remember a conversation I had with my cousins years ago while I was still in my teens.  We were hiking on the Appalachian Trail on a 10-day hiking trip with my uncle and were stopped for the night to camp.  While looking for firewood to cook the evening’s meal, my cousins and I began talking about God.  I remember one of my cousins saying that he wasn’t too sure that God existed, so he was waiting for God to do something big to prove His existence.  According to my cousin, he would then turn to God once he saw proof.  Of course, this is a very prideful way to approach God, and God does not respond to pride.  He only responds to a humble heart.  Moreover, the God of the Bible usually comes in the humble, quiet way.  A good illustration of this is the passage in 1 Kings 19 where a voice tells Elijah that God would come to him.  Elijah then watches while a big whirlwind comes by, but God is not in the whirlwind.  Then a big earthquake comes, but God is not in the earthquake.  The a big fire comes by, but God is not in the fire.  Then, at last, God comes, but in a still, small voice.    

Although humans in our ignorance and pride seem to prefer the big flashy thing, such things are usually of Satan.  God usually operates in a smaller, more quiet way, although He is sovereign and He can operate any way He chooses.  But why does He usually choose to operate in the smaller, more humble things?  He does so because it forces us to listen harder, to concentrate more.  He wants us to struggle for our faith so that it is real to us and so that we become stronger and better people for the struggle.  He also does this because it is the most loving and gentle way to operate, so since He is a Loving God, he operates in a loving way.  Additionally, the still, small voice is more intimate.  God wants to be intimate with us.  He doesn’t want to be an aloof God that flings things at us in a big flashy way and then stands way back.  He wants to get down into the intimate details of our lives and share the most mundane, humble things with us because that proves His love much more and because He simply enjoys sharing our lives with us, even sharing the smallest, most intimate details. 

I pray that you will experience God’s Tremendous Love today and that you will share with Him in all the details of your life, no matter how small.



06/14/2017 10:36pm

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