One of the most important institutions established by God that has made human accomplishment and advancement possible is the family.  I believe that God taught people to form this institution in order to make human society stable and to give it a conscience.  Family is, of course, the training ground for most, if not all, human beings.  And it is the place which we form our strongest memories while we are in the innocence of childhood.  I’m sure that there are some that slip through the cracks and never experience what it means to belong to a family.  And, unfortunately, since we live in a sin-fallen world, our families do not always live up to what they are supposed to be.  Moreover, since family is so important to the stability of civilization, it is against this institution which Satan has brought most of his mischief.  He has encouraged bad parents to abuse their children, treating them like property or like objects without feelings.  And he has encouraged bad parents who treat the raising of their children like a hobby on which they expend ridiculously little effort and which they gullibly accept any ridiculous advice from the “experts.” 

There seemed to be a common strain of parenting when I was growing up that I would best describe as laissez-faire parenting, in which the children were pretty much left to their own devices with little interaction from the parents, perhaps as these parents were following the foolish guidance from the “expert” Doctor Benjamin Spock who told parents to allow their children to “express themselves.”    Doctor Spock’s 1946 book Baby and Child Care sold over 50 million copies and has been translated into 42 languages.  It is probably the most influential child-rearing book after the Bible.  Unfortunately it turned out to be monumentally wrong.  Learning is not necessarily a bad thing, and sometimes, like a broken clock, even the experts turn out to be right.  The problem with many “experts” and their education is that they have little actual experience in the “real” world, and they don’t ameliorate their lack of experience by referring back to people who have experience  or by consulting a tried and true source like the Bible. 

Anyone who has lived for at least a few decades knows that you cannot replace real world experience by cracking the spine on another book, unless it’s the Bible.  You might gain a little bit of wisdom by what you read or by observing others, but there is always a limit to what you can gain in this method.  To complete the process of education, you must ALWAYS get your hands dirty in the real world.  Even God uses this system of experiential knowledge in training us.  You can bet that, if He teaches you a moral lesson in church, in your prayer time, or in your reading and meditation on the Bible, then He will follow that up with a real-world chance to use that moral lesson in your daily life.   Another limitation on education is that too many universities are condescendingly skeptical of systems of morality such as Christianity that have stood the test of time.  This does not mean that an education is a waste of time, but that one should always keep a critical eye when confronted with new information, balancing it against other systems of knowledge that you know to be true, such as the Bible.  Many reject this amazing book that is full of wisdom and has been tried and proven for thousands of years in human history, but they automatically swallow any new theory that is fed to them by the “experts.” 

Unfortunately, I’ve lived long enough to watch as so many “experts” burst onto the national cultural scene, breathlessly telling us some new bit of information which no one ever thought of before and which only they are privy to, only to see them discredited a decade or two later by new information.  Doctor Benjamin Spock was one of those “experts” that turned out to be unbelievably wrong in just about everything that he espoused in his writings.  He apparently even admitted to his inaccuracies later in his life, although this was too little, too late, as perhaps millions of parents used his ignorant advice to raise a generation of people that were unbound by any moral system.  It is ironic that so many were so gullible to follow unproven theories so easily even while they were rejecting the Bible which has survived the test of time and always turned out to be true.  Unfortunately, this is a common story for humans in history.  Too often we have ignorantly lined up to follow foolish philosophies like passive lemmings, marching straight to our destruction, over and over again. 

I pray that you will remember to defer to God on wisdom in all things so that your life will be better and more satisfying. 



Kathy C.
02/27/2013 9:30am

You're right Del. I caught about 15 minutes of "Dr. Phil" yesterday and this family was dealing with an underage child who was meeting adult men online. The "expert" they were trusting told them to take away the computer but let her have internet on her phone. This is just a small example of misguided experts. Only the Bible has the right answers but unfortunately, so many don't consult it.

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