I feel led to explain a little more about Truth.  As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, our understanding of Truth is darkened by sin in our natural state, before God intervenes, by first making us aware of the Truth, planting that tiny seed of understanding within us.  Then with that seed of Truth, we can make the clear choice to accept His offer of Covenant through Jesus or reject that offer preferring to maintain control of our lives in spite of the mess we have made of it.  God will not force any man or woman to choose Him.  Some like to believe in the idea of “irresistible will” in which, once God really, really makes us understand what He is offering in the covenant relationship and the abundant life that will eventually follow, we will not be able to help ourselves.  In their theory, we will thus feel compelled and will fall in line like lemmings.  But this is a very simplistic view that does not accord with Scripture or reality.  In reality, the human will is very strong and naturally resistant to God.  

Moreover, many people can be so committed to their sin out of pride, ignorance, desire for control, love of pleasure, love of glory, etc., such that, even when God plants the seed of understanding in them making clear their choices, they will still prefer their sin. The Bible is very clear in saying that rejection of God is a possibility and that many choose that possibility.  We all have choices in life.  It is a mystery to me why some would prefer sin to His Blessings, Love, and Freedom, but many use their free will to set the tendencies of their heart toward sin.  They desire the thrill of sin or the pleasure of sin or the various sullied fruits that sin offers.  But even if these people that are so committed to sin are brought to the realization of their need for salvation through the Holy Spirit’s revival of their sin-dead spirits, they will not be making the choice for or against salvation in a vacuum of perfect conditions.  Satan is always there, trying to keep them away from the antidote to their sinful lives, wanting to keep us in misery because he gets his jollies by trying to thwart God’s plan of salvation for mankind through Jesus or by thwarting His plans for our individual lives. 

Satan tries to keep us away from God with his various litany of lies such as:  you will lose so much if you choose God; you will have to give up so much; it won't be any fun; God won't accept you just like you are;  you've sinned too much, God won't forgive you; you're better off the way you are now, etc.
Additionally, Satan receives pleasure from our miseries, which is why he tries so hard to keep us away from God.  I know that he is very active in these Islamic countries that are going through revolution.  He’s always there in the mob, trying to whip up emotions to the point that they are no longer thinking, so if any poor, hapless person, such as the various female reporters happen into that volatile situation, they will most certainly be attacked as has happened several times already in Egypt.  Satan, feeding on the misery and terror of these poor women, will encourage his wicked Islamic followers to also enjoy the misery and terror of these women.  Situations such as these show clearly that there is no Truth in Islamic beliefs.  Their religion allows them, first, to denigrate women to a lower status than the male, which is a complete repudiation of God’s plan of equality for both sexes and for all peoples. Secondly, their Satanic religion uses that lower status as an excuse to abuse women.  It is a wicked religion of violent force, humiliation, cruelty, and tyranny. 

I guess I first had my eyes opened to how evil this religion was one day in a discussion with a very sweet and beautiful Jewish lady who was my officemate and friend while I was teaching at West Point the first time in the late 90’s.  Her typically liberal/progressive perspective of multicultural inclusion, which I have embraced as well since it fits with God’s main principle of love, took a sharp turn when we discussed Islam.  She was very direct and adamant that it was an evil religion.  This had a profound impact on me to see this sweet, compassionately inclusive lady react so strongly against it.  I knew there must be a reason for her strong reaction, and of course, there was as I would find out when I researched the tenets and history of Islam.  This conversation with my friend was one of the many situations which God has used to build up His Wisdom and Truth in me, bringing me into contact with so many people hundreds, perhaps thousands, of times as each person had something special to offer me in my education about life, a nugget of His Wisdom, some Truth that I did not yet have but needed in His training of me. 



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