This posting finishes with the topic of truth that we discussed the last couple of days. 

This is the way God works.  He spreads His Wisdom, His Gifts, and His Talents liberally among the population of His children, wanting them all to have something valuable to offer each other in their unique contribution to the big tapestry of our culture.  And because each person is unique and has unique talents to offer others, he or she, therefore, is of infinite value to God and to others.  This is true of every single person.  This is one of the reasons that abortion is such an abomination to God.   Mankind is the crowning achievement of God in His Creation of all things.  People are, therefore, very special to God.  God is Love.  That is a central part of His Character, so He simply Loves naturally out of His Nature.  But He has placed a special focus of His love upon mankind because He Created man to be a unique creature in all of His Creation.  The Scripture tells us that He made man just a little bit lower than the angels, so man has a very exalted place of honor in God’s Creation.  He also made man in His Image, His Likeness.  He wanted man to be like Him so that He could enjoy fellowship with this unique creature. 

And He gave His Crowning Achievement free will so that people could choose whether to follow Him, whether to seek Him, and whether to Love Him.  This free choice to follow and love Him, absolutely without force or coercion, only His Gentle and Loving Enticement, brings Pleasure and Glory to God.  This means that we have a soul or spirit within us, a very intrinsic component of our makeup, and this spirit is like His Spirit.  Additionally, God gave man dominion over Creation, a very honorable and important position.  This comes with much privilege and much responsibility.  We are to be good stewards of His Creation and kind to the various creatures that God has lovingly placed here.  We should always be gentle and respectful with all animals, although we are allowed by God to take their lives for our nourishment, but even that should be done in a humane way, and while these creatures are alive, we should treat them humanely.  Moreover, as good stewards of His Creation, we should never be wasteful.  This is why we recycle in our house and always have once we got in the habit of it and learned of its value while we were living in Germany.  Moreover, recycling definitely fits within God’s principles of being a good steward of the various gifts and resources throughout the earth that He Generously Gives us. 

Returning to the topic of taking the life of God’s Highest Achievement in Creation, man, the careless, flippant taking of a life for selfish reasons is an insult to God and an assault on His Plan for the betterment of all people.  He does make provision in Scripture for the taking of a life in justice for that person’s taking of another life, righteous payment of blood for blood, and He even tells us that we are not to pity the murderer (Det. 19:13).  But His Word also requires due process of law to prove that the person actually committed the murder, and that it was not done rightfully out of self-defense or done by mistake.  Otherwise, who are we to say that any human life, regardless of the circumstances under which it was conceived, is devoid of value?  This evil arrogance, usurping the authority of God to determine which life is valuable and which is not, sounds Satanic in its very conception.  So, I cannot conceive of any time in which abortion or euthanasia could fit with God’s Law of Love and His requirement that we respect all life. 

Such principles as the respect for all life and the way of life that is based in love are part of the ultimate Truth that is found in God.  And all knowledge that leads back to Him or makes life better and more enjoyable within the bounds of a righteous, loving life in the center of His Will are what we would call Wisdom.  All bodies of knowledge should lead us back to God.  Every body of knowledge that I have ever studied has told me something of our Creator.  Studies such as music and the various sciences should always lead to an understanding of the incredible order and complexity of all of Creation, and they should also lead us to understand that there is a Loving Creator behind all things and holding all things together under His Incredible Power.  It is possible to study a body of knowledge that does not lead back to Him.  There are various studies that are foolishness, such as the various disciplines in universities like “homosexual theory.”  People who study such things and try to view all of life through a very demented lens are what the Bible refers to when it says they are “ever learning but never able to come to the truth” (2 Tim. 3:7).

I pray that this study of Truth and Wisdom has been enlightening to you, and I pray that God’s Truth will be a part of your life every day as you draw closer to Him and allow His Love and Joy to fill your life.



04/05/2017 3:46am

I love this

04/05/2017 4:00am

This is actually a great enlightenment for me. I am glad someone still shares a study about truth and wisdom. We really have to thank God because he creates us. We have to thank him because he rendered us an ability like this which makes us different to other creatures that he made in this world. The bible verses that you share really means a lot and it is also powerful.


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