Who is God?  I’m still trying to grapple with and understand who or what God is exactly.  He most certainly is not the feeble, wise-cracking old man as portrayed in the various movies about Him.  That image is too weak and familiar to come even close to describing the God that I have come to know.  I know that He is far too big and too great to fit such a small, ludicrous package, although He could take on any form He desires because He is all-powerful and He is sovereign.   I guess we have this foolish and disrespectful tendency to try putting God into some package that we can control.  Of course it makes no sense, but human beings have been trying throughout the ages to formulate an image of God that they could control, first in the graven images that God warned them not to make nor to worship, because it was disrespectful to Him given all the loving things that He has done and continues to do for us all, even when we do not realize it.  We should obviously give God credit for the many good things in our lives because good is NOT, as many simplistically believe, the default in life. 

Good things do not automatically happen.  Anybody with a relatively reasonable, scientific mind knows that things just don’t “happen” themselves into the various situations of life.  In science 101, we learned that, for a body to be in motion, there must have been some force that set it in motion.  Objects do not automatically out of the blue start interacting and causing events unless there is some outside force that makes them move.  Causation is such a simple concept, yet so many otherwise intelligent people gloss it over or logically manipulate it in order to make possible their various adult myths about the world around us and how it came to be.  I’ve never gotten beyond my amusement at the number of people that buy into evolution and the logical and intellectual lengths that they are willing to go to in order to maintain this lie and the other various fond lies that they live by.  For example, you might remember Richard Goldschmidt’s crazy “Hopeful Monster” theory which tried to explain the lack of evidence in the fossil record by postulating that maybe evolution happens so fast that there is no evidence left behind as one creature begets another creature that is a completely different species.  Sounds a bit far-fetched, doesn’t it.  Welcome to the magical world of naturalists and Darwinian evolutionists.  Logic and reality never seem to be a hindrance to these people.  Nor does the requirement for evidence of what they believe, making their beliefs merely into another religion. 

They always breezily wave away any challenge to their pipe dreams as if they are inebriated with some kind of drug and can’t reason properly or are brain-washed by some cult into a line of logic that makes no sense to the rest of the populace.   I’ve even gotten in a few philosophical tussles with such people on various websites in the public commentary sections of blogs or news articles.  The outcome is never satisfying or enlightening.  It is like wrestling with a pig.  This metaphorical pig is ignorant, has no real direction or intellectual foundation; he (or possibly she since some don’t even have the courage to use their real names) is just arguing for argument’s sake.  The pig also does not mind getting dirty and does not mind seeing you get covered with his or her filth.  The pig just enjoys the spectacle of a fight and feels victorious for having dragged you into the rubbish.  In these encounters, I was never able to get my various opponents to explain just what it is that they believe.  We never even got to level of arguing about what I believe.  I just wanted clarity on what they believed before I even began to make a foray into intellectual discourse with my own statements of belief.  But every single time, when I tried to dig into their beliefs and make them explain themselves, they became slipperier than an eel. 

More on this tomorrow.


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